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a covenant diary: entry 2

dear covenant diary, Rejoice! For I do not have to stand up and turn around whenever I have to search my bag. I can frisk my bag and run at the same time. I can look inside my bag while I'm prone! No more standing up and compromising my location to get shot at! What spell has enveloped Aeternum that made it so, diary? In the past, we could only look at the things we carry ONLY when we're standing still! Also, it appears that the hidden stash is back! They are hidden stashes that contain coins, diary! Are these from the Spark? I can't imagine anyone else doing this miracle, since I don't know how we can fit a stash filled with coins, motes, and gypsum inside a solid Starmetal vein. Does a person have to mine a platinum vein hollow, a tree trunk hollow, or a live animal hollow, just to place the hidden stash inside it and put everything back together? How can anyone cover a gaping hole over a live beast with its flesh? The horror. I also noticed that the travel do not con

I never thought I'd see Rage 2 offered for free on Epic!

Rage 2 screenshot by id Software and Avalanche Studios

Rage 2 is free on Epic right now! While Rage 2 has been generally received positively as a sequel to the 2011 Rage, the absence of co-op has produced different opinions on Id Software and Avalanche Studios' AAA first-person shooter. Rage 2 is still worth a few seconds to store in your epic library as it focuses on the single-player experience of exploring a post-apocalyptic world after it was hit by the asteroid 99942 Apophis. Almost 80% of mankind had perished, and humanity is far from rebuilding as it tries to survive madmen, mutants and monsters. A staple feature of Rage is the vehicular combat, faction involved storylines, and the open-world exploration akin to Mad Max.
Rage 2 was released in 2019 and I still remember all the hype on it, as the graphics are impressive. In fact, Rage from 2011 still hold up today due to id Software's Tech 5 boasting the megatexture technology. Rage 2 is free on Epic until February 25 (also rated Mature only). Also Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is also free on Epic until February 25; it's an indie game where you drive and drift you car on a minimalist setting while using a top-down view.


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