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a covenant diary: entry 2

dear covenant diary, Rejoice! For I do not have to stand up and turn around whenever I have to search my bag. I can frisk my bag and run at the same time. I can look inside my bag while I'm prone! No more standing up and compromising my location to get shot at! What spell has enveloped Aeternum that made it so, diary? In the past, we could only look at the things we carry ONLY when we're standing still! Also, it appears that the hidden stash is back! They are hidden stashes that contain coins, diary! Are these from the Spark? I can't imagine anyone else doing this miracle, since I don't know how we can fit a stash filled with coins, motes, and gypsum inside a solid Starmetal vein. Does a person have to mine a platinum vein hollow, a tree trunk hollow, or a live animal hollow, just to place the hidden stash inside it and put everything back together? How can anyone cover a gaping hole over a live beast with its flesh? The horror. I also noticed that the travel do not con

Islanders - a relaxing city-builder that keeps you tense

This is going to be quick: Islanders is a must-have for everyone. There, I shot my own foot by saving you from my own article. But if you wish to keep reading, I thank you.

Islanders is a charming city-builder where the only thing required for your city to flourish is to rack up points to unlock the next buildings. The objective of the game is for players to place each building optimally and generate points required for progression. Points will unlock new buildings and will also unlock the option of moving to the next island. As long as players can keep building, they'll be able to reach their coveted high score.

What keeps the suspense in Islanders is ensuring to have enough points to keep building. Players won't be able to move or demolish structures (except being able to undo the most recent placement). If there is not enough points to progress and with nothing else to build, then it's game over. Although having enough points also unlock the next island, moving to a new location 'resets' your city but saves your current score. Then it's not game over yet. You can start again, and strive to design the better city.

Building a city on a map of small islands.
Building a city on islets?

Islanders is an easy game to learn, but it's definitely hard to master. Its overarching theme aims for a relaxing session where you can unwind and keep your mind stimulated at the same time. The graphics, ambience, and soundtrack all give off this positive and relaxing atmosphere. Sick day? Play Islanders. Tired after work? Play Islanders. Need a white noise? Play Islanders. I can't help think that Grizzly Games should port this to handhelds as well. Commuting? Play Islanders. A sandbox mode is available for anyone who simply wish to go crazy on building their city without restrictions.

A city built on an island with a beachfront.
Players can build on the starter island without ever leaving.

Building a city on an island with mountains and plateaus
Yup. I shouldn't have left the first one.

Despite the calming and charming atmosphere during the regular play mode, Islanders' objective will still keep you on your toes. You will wonder how much you can keep building; there's this nagging feeling that one misplaced structure can spell tragedy; which is the case later on when the game starts spewing random buildings at you. But that's what makes Islanders a thrilling game. 

Placing a lumberjack on the plateaus.
This place is HUGE! I don't think I'll be leaving soon.

In the end, I may have found my new Tetris. Islanders is a worthy addition even if you don't play any puzzle games. If it's the only puzzle game on your library that works too! Islanders is available now on Steam.


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