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a covenant diary: entry 2

dear covenant diary, Rejoice! For I do not have to stand up and turn around whenever I have to search my bag. I can frisk my bag and run at the same time. I can look inside my bag while I'm prone! No more standing up and compromising my location to get shot at! What spell has enveloped Aeternum that made it so, diary? In the past, we could only look at the things we carry ONLY when we're standing still! Also, it appears that the hidden stash is back! They are hidden stashes that contain coins, diary! Are these from the Spark? I can't imagine anyone else doing this miracle, since I don't know how we can fit a stash filled with coins, motes, and gypsum inside a solid Starmetal vein. Does a person have to mine a platinum vein hollow, a tree trunk hollow, or a live animal hollow, just to place the hidden stash inside it and put everything back together? How can anyone cover a gaping hole over a live beast with its flesh? The horror. I also noticed that the travel do not con

LG Phones are Difficult for Technicians

LG smartphones are not so bad when in terms of using the device for your day-to-day operation compared to other brands but from a technician's perspective, they are difficult, why? You should have a good memory to memorize their secret codes so that you can enter their built-in diagnostic tool in the smartphone itself. LG's diagnostic tool has a long code and changes from phone to phone. Unlike Samsung, all the smartphones they have do share the same secret code to enter their diagnostic tool.

The reason I'm comparing LG to other brands is that as a technician who has access to official diagnostic tools for the big brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and others, LG is lacking the effort on developing its diagnostic software. That means, they can tell you if a component is working or not but not in-depth.

In terms of repairability on their devices, it's very easy and it's comparable to other brands. Their flagship devices like LG G6 and above, I would say it can only take at least 10-15 minutes to finish a repair as long as you have all the proper tools needed to fix a device. 

I actually applaud LG for their uniqueness on their devices, unlike other brands, they are always trying to innovate. Look at the LG Wing, it is very unique and looks awesome, but those kinds of devices with a lot of ribbon cables can be damaged easily.

Now that LG has stopped manufacturing their parts or discontinued most of it for all their smartphones, it's getting harder and harder for the repair shops to order the OEM parts. Hopefully, the aftermarket manufacturers will still support their old devices just for the sake of fixing the broken device that the consumers still have.


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