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I miss Maplestory 2

I've played New World. Now I miss Maplestory 2. Here are my reasons: MS2 did not have any noticeable bugs after launch. MS2 fostered creativity via the personal realms where you can decorate your own space. MS2 had a working PVP which also can be toggled. MS2 had a simplified guild system which functions as a base for more possible activities. MS2 had random events where you can win. MS2 had quick dungeon raids which were not mind numbing. MS2 allows you to create multiple characters per server. MS2 had a distinct vivid voxel art on its right. MS2 had an overarching story that you follow regardless of what class you choose. MS2 had pets that could deal a bit of damage. MS2 had mounts which can fly too and did not make travel a chore. MS2 shut down its global servers on March 27, 2020. My crew and I played MS2 for at least a year until we reached the top. Although the flame died out when we were satisfied with our in-game progress, we never thought that it was a bad game. We may hav

a marauder diary: entry 2

Dear Marauder Diary,

I rubbed my eyes well to ensure that I am not dreaming today. The Property Tax in Windsward fell to 0.55%! Is this permanent, diary? Is this true? Does this mean that I no longer have to play just to pay for this damn house? There's no one else living in this house but myself, diary.

This house does not act like a house. In fact, this is the only house I've seen where I cannot live practically. I cannot cook food. I cannot craft in privacy. I cannot decorate it as I want too. I can cook, I can craft tools, and create potions in a tent but not in a paid home!

Am I the only person living in Windsward? Aren't there other residents that should pay their taxes? Those folks who run their inns-- do they not pay taxes? Maybe the towns should have the scale of maintenance lowered? Maybe if the property taxes started as less than 1% from the start perhaps the people running the town would stop whining about running low on funds. When I paid my house -- where did that money go, diary? Did it not go to the town's coffer? 

The audacity of this new world where I cannot even sell my home for a better home is absurd. Did common sense also get lost in the void? Alas I cannot pay my taxes in advance yet. I shall do so as soon as I'm able for this Property Tax is a fleeting dream. I am happy that week is no longer 5 days, diary. It seems that common sense is not lost at all.

Wishfully thinking,
A level 50 marauder


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